Dealer Connections

Connect, invite and build relationships with other dealers.

Dealer Profiles

Build your profile with your dealership contact information, logo and website links.


Post dealer reviews


Submit your inventory listing live to the Marketplace for sale.

Make Offers

Submit your best offer on listings of the dealers you're connected to.

Marketplace Search

Search for specific listings and from specific dealers in the Marketplace.


Get notified on when you receive new offers, messages and connection invites.

Private Messages

Send and receive private messages with othe dealers.

Manage Messages

Collect and manage all messages and communication.

Manage Your Inventory

Ability to manage all your inventory in one spot.

Track Costs

Manage and record costs invested into your inventory listings.

Measure Profits

Automatically view profit margins on your inventory listings.

Upload Images

Add and manage images on your inventory.


Establish communication to make sales transactions.


All your information, prices, offers and messages are completely secured.

User Accounts & Sales People

Manage user accounts and add sales people.

Configure Settings

Ability to adjust and set all settings.

Available 24/7

Shop for inventory 24/7 from anywhere - Dealers connecting to Dealers

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